The Coat of Arms Vision

  Hey there! Thanks for dropping by! That's what is still possible in my hometown, Yerevan, capital of Armenia: making an appointment for coffee is a non-sense. Just drop by. You are always welcome.  

This is The Coat of Arms page. The mission of the Coat of Arms is connecting Hearts and Arms. Here I share the delight, victories, the success of those, who left and are leaving an impact on lives of Armenian orphans and disadvantaged ( The goal is not only to raise money through small scale events, catering, arts sale/exhibitions, but also awareness. If the links and the donation buttons, the activity is exposed to the world, everyone shall contribute to a better life of a "not forgotten" child. This child has been missing a lot... but thanks to Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief and many others like SOAR, the child shall smile and not feel abandoned.

  If dealing love, art, cuisine is still in fashion, than I dare to start this adventure with you! 

Place I call HOME

Olden days... warm hearths... no plastic looks, thoughts, toys