A link to an Angel: George, founder www.soar-us.org

George Yacoubian is the founder of SOAR: Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief,  a foundation, helping the Armenian orphans and elderly in need.



SOAR May 24, 2018
“I Can” Sports without Limits

A link to an Angel. Natalie Bryant-Rizzieri

Natalie has founded The Warm Hearth, 2 homes for orphans, older than 18 socially unprotected orphans who are struggling with integration. 







Please, donate directly to Warm Hearth through this Donate Button:
















If you share the values and the mission, please contact me directly for any questions, any information. I would be honored to have the right to be on this page with George and Natalie and start raising funds for Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief and Warm Hearth.


Thanks in advance for your interest.